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Adaptation Information

The 8th Five Year Plan, Bangladesh Country Investment Plan for Environment, Forestry and Climate Change (2016-2020) (EFCC CIP), Perspective Plan for 2021-2041 (PP2041), Delta Plan 2100, and the national adaptation plan (NAP) emphasizes the importance of managing climate change risks and indicates the priorities for national and regional adaptation measures. Other sectoral plans and strategies of the country also focus on adaptation action to climate change. The adaptation project information system gathers project-level adaptation data and shows the project-specific contributions towards both pre-defined adaptation indicators. 


You can download an Excel file of the data here
Adaptation Report
Project Name Project Code Project type Budget ($) Financing Duration Project focus Project Status Project category
Total Grant Loan
Adaptation-001 A-001 ADP 23000 12000 11000 Govt. 6 Rural Under Implementation Adaptation
Demon 02 ADP 700000 500000 200000 Govt. 3 Urban Under Implementation Adaptation