AFOLU Sector

Agriculture, Forestry & Other Land Use

Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU)

The AFOLU sub-sector (agriculture) covers methane emission from cultivated rice fields, nitrous oxide emission from nitrogen-based fertilizer, methane emission from enteric fermentation of livestock and methane and emission from manure management. The AFOLU (forestry) sub-sector covers emissions from forest areas and carbon stock in Bangladesh. The current GHG emission of this sector is 13.44% (Source: Overview of Bangladesh’s NDC at COP26, 2021). In the AFOLU sector, BAU is prepared following rice cropping area and livestock population projection for 2030 from relevant Ministries and agencies; Forestry related emission is taken from Bangladesh’s Forest Reference Level (FRL) and kept constant. No mitigation scenario analysis was carried out for Other Land Use.

For the base year, total GHG emission accounts for 169.05 million tons CO2 equivalent (MtCO2e). The Agriculture sub-sector under the AFOLU Sector generates the highest 45.87 MtCO2e, about 27.13% of the total GHG emission for the base scenario. According to IPCC guidelines for the Forestry sub-sector, Bangladesh has established a Forest Reference Level (FRL) for the historical reference period 2000-2015. The estimated emission from the forestry sector is 1.19 MtCO2e/year, and the estimated removal is 0.81 MtCO2e/year. The net change, FRL, is 0.37 MtCO2e/year. Waste and IPPU Sector generates 24.11 and 5.61 MtCO2e emission respectively. 

2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories - Volume 4 (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use)

National Greenhouse Gas Inventories


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