IPPU Sector

Industrial Processes and Product Use

The Industrial Processes and Product Use (IPPU)

The IPPU sector covers GHG emissions from industrial processes, where the emissions are created from chemical processes as opposed to combustion (CO2 emissions from the combustion of fuels in industry is covered under the industry sector). The IPPU sector covers industrial process based emissions from cement clinker production and urea fertilizer production. In the IPPU sector, previous trends and demand-based projections have been made. This sector is responsible for 2.68% of emission. (Source: Overview of Bangladesh’s NDC at COP26, 2021)

It is stated in the NDC submission that in 2012 IPPU contributed 3.32% of total GHG emission. The sector-wise emissions under the BAU scenario by 2030 are projected to 10.97 Mt CO2e (2.68% of total) in IPPU sector.

2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories - Volume 3 (Industrial Processes and Product Use)


Emission Estimates IPPU Sector

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